Real Estate Media Services   


We are a creative media production company providing you and your sellers professional web-based media tours that are efficient, effective and well-within reach. Our media tours will engage the viewer with a greater feeling of being on the property, which helps promote more interest and prompt buyers to make a call to you to schedule a showing.

We work very hard to keep our prices affordable. Utilizing the latest technology helps us not only be more creative, but also adds efficiency thus saving time and money. Properties that are showcased with video tours are more likely to be inspected and help buyers stay on your website longer. Call us and get your listing out there.

*Please Note* Alpha Vista Productions is fully insured both in the air and on the ground.
I am a FAA Certified Drone Pilot.

Video Tour Packages

– Videos run 3 to 5 minutes long (depending on the size of the listing)
– Includes aerials of the exterior of the home.
– Shooting stabilized video through out entire interior of house (all rooms)
– Professional editing of footage with music (includes all motion graphics, titles and logos)
– 2 final versions will be produced (Branded & Unbranded).

– A “Master File” will be provided for the client to use on their website, Facebook page, iPad, smart phone…etc.
– Each version will be showcased on a “Individual Listings Page” .

under 3000 -$215
3000-5500 – $265
5500-8000 – $340
8000-over – $415

                * OPTIONAL*                                     Add 10 HDR photos to this package for $35.00. This optional will give you everything you need in ONE package.

Community Overview Videos

These videos are presentations that will showcase entire communities. (see Community Videos below)

– short versions of the Community Overview Video can be edited into the beginning/end of the Real Estate Video Tours. (see the Kellswater/Chesmar Homes video below for this example)
– Long versions of the Community Overview Video are stand-alone video presentations.

Prices for the Community Videos can vary ($100 – $5000) because they can contain interviews/testimonials, drive-by shots, ground shots, and aerials. Contact us for an estimate.

Profile Videos

These videos look great on Facebook, especially if it is your “featured video”.   These videos are fun, short, and  will definitely  grab the attention of the viewer.  This is another  a great way to build your brand.
Prices start at $200.

Profile Videos are totally customizable, so please call for details.

Photography Packages

– Contains 20-60 High Resolution photographs (depending on the size of the listing).
– Includes all interior rooms and all views of exterior.
– Quick turn around time (images usually processed and returned within 24 hours).
– We use wide angle lens to display entire interior rooms and exterior scenic views.

Square Feet / Price
under 3000 – $75
3000-5500 – $100
5500-8000 – $150
8000-over – $200

Community Videos