A USA visa interview is the final step that will decide whether your visa will be approved or refused. These 2-3 minutes of your life will decide your future. So, you need to be very careful at the USA visa interview and avoid doing anything that can lead to your visa refusal. 

What do you have to do and what do you avoid in the USA visa interview? This is the biggest question that needs to be discovered before the interview. In this article, we have mentioned some do’s and don’ts for the USA visa interview you need to take care of if you are hoping for a positive response after the interview. 

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Do’s and Don’ts for USA visa interview

Let’s know the do’s and don’ts for the USA visa interview: 

Do’s for USA visa interview

  • Dress Appropriately 

Make sure that you dress well for the USA visa interview. Choose an outfit in which you feel comfortable and can reflect a positive outcome. Note that it is not a special occasion in which you wear heavy or sparkling dresses. Keep it formal to look simple and professional. You can wear a shirt, t-shirt, trousers, pants or jeans. Well, married women can also wear their traditional attire such as a suit salwar, and saree. 

  • Smile 

You need to keep a smiling face during the USA visa interview to reflect positivity. Think that you are just one step away from your dream of moving abroad. This will make you feel happy. Note that only a mild smile is recommended, avoid laughing in the interview. 

  • Answer Clearly 

You need to give answers understandably. Otherwise, the officer might get confused and cannot comprehend what you want to say. So, speak at a natural pace and pronounce everything. Don’t speak too fast or too slow as it can lead to confusion. Moreover, take pauses whenever required while giving your answers. 

  • Speak Honestly 

Make sure to give your answers honestly to the visa officer because they have all the information about you. If they get to know that you are telling a lie, your visa will be refused by the officials. Being honest will help you give your answers confidently. Otherwise, you will get nervous and even get confused about what to say. 

  • Make Eye Contact

Eye contact with the officer is extremely important to show that you are honest with your answers. On the contrary, not being able to make eye contact is a sign of dishonesty which can lead to visa refusal. So, look at the eyes of the officer while answering the questions during the USA visa interview. 

  • Maintain Documents 

Make sure to arrange all the required documents in a file so that you can easily hand over them to the officer when they demand. If you don’t maintain your documents, it will create a hustle later. 

Do don’ts for USA visa interview

  • Don’t Get Nervous 

Students often get nervous in the interview which not only impacts their confidence but their speaking abilities as well. Moreover, they are unable to think critically and cannot give their answers perfectly. 

  • Don’t Wear Jewelry 

Avoid wearing heavy jewelry in the USA via interview as it can be a cause for distraction. So, don’t wear heavy necklaces, bangles, anklets, and other types of jewelry as the noise from them can disturb you as well as the officer. However, if your jewelry has some religious value, then you can surely wear it. 

  • Don’t Speak in a Fake Accent 

Visa officers can easily know the difference between a fake and a real accent. So, avoid speaking in a forced accent and speak naturally and clearly to avoid mistakes. 

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Wrapping Up 

To wrap up, these are some crucial points you need to take care of during a USA visa interview. So, follow the dos and don’ts properly to perform well in the interview.